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In our design sets you might come across [Shortcode Goes Here]. This is being used as a place holder for the shortcode of your favorite forms plugin.  The shortcode goes in the container within Oxygen

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Once you have installed the connector and activated your license. The next step is to install the design set. You accomplish this by selecting "Install Wizard"

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Select "Install"

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Now you are ready to begin working with our design sets

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The most common reason the connector will fail to install is die to the server requirements of PHP version 7.4. Please see our guide to installing the connector here.

Screenshot of Failed Connector

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Inserting Component and Pages on Oxygen Editor

Adding component and page to your oxygen editor is as simple as the Oxygen built-in design set feature. They have the same behavior, just in different interfaces.

This documentation will walk you through inserting components and pages on the oxygen editor.

Inserting component and pages

  1. Navigate to the “All Pages” submenu on the sidebar of your WordPress admin dashboard. Choose the page you wish to assign to the design set. Then click the Edit with Oxygen link
  2. Click the Connector icon on the bottom right of your screen to show the panel.
  3. Choose your component or pages. Click the Connector icon to hide the panel.
  4. Click the Save button to save your work.
  5. Congratulations, you just build a beautiful page using OxyBoot

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Adding Provider and License key

To access the design set from OxyBoot (let say “provider”), you need to set up a proper connection to our site.

When you purchased a design set from our site, you will email given a Connector String and License after purchase.

Connector String contains a configuration allowing your site to communicate to the provider site securely.

License is needed to authenticate you on our site. Your license is your identity and used to manage the access to design sets and the expiration of access (if subscription-based).

This documentation will walk you through adding providers and license key.

Adding provider and license key to the connector plugin

  1. Navigate to the Oxyboot Connector menu on the sidebar of your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Click the Add New Provider button. A new form will show up, and please fill in all required fields.
    Connector String: fill in the field with the Connector String you receive when claimed a design set.
  3. Then click the Save button
  4. Your provider was added successfully, on your new provider, click the Manage License button.
  5. In the Provider Detail page, fill the Add License key field with the license you receive when claimed a design set, then click the + Add button.
  6. Congratulation, you have set up a connection to access your design set.

Download the Connector Plugin



Connector: an accompanying plugin to access the design set that is managed by our plugin.
You should install the Connector plugin on your own WordPress website to access the design set from Oxyboot.

Server Requirement

The Connector plugin has a few system requirements. You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

Downloading Connector Plugin

The connector plugin was included as a link in your welcome email, if you can not find it, it can be located here.

Installing the Plugin

For plugin installation instructions, please read the official documentation.

  1. Click the Add New button on the Plugins page
  2. Click upload file
  3. Click the install now button
  4. Wait until the installation process finished, then click the Active button
  5. Congratulation, the OxyBoot Connector plugin installed successfully